sdr2 boys…..being dorks…..yah I’m still working on this dating sim haha

Kuroshitsuji Vol.19 Inner Illustration

~Scanned by Funtom’s Candy~ Please credit & link back if used!


DRAMAtical Murder - The Visual Novel VS The Anime


PAVONI Couture Fall/Winter 2013

Finally I almost have my Link Joker 70% complete! 

I still have a lot of cards to find especially those only found in TD11…I need resources. XD Barrier Star-Vader, Promethium, Chaos Breaker Dragon and Infinite Zero Dragon are the hardest ones to find at present sxdgvdfchbfcghbfgh ;;;

Though I found Colony Maker and Lanthanium. I’ll be getting them this week to furnish the deck ~ XD

Yesterday when me and my friends met up for Eiga Sai, my friend challenged me to a cardfight and I was able to stand against him with 5 damage (he too has 5 damage) but in the end since I didn’t have anything to guard with (and no heal trigger) I lost. XD

It was tough, but I learned on the way somehow, again. XDDDD

And one of my friends were right - I channel Reverse Kai - I get a lot of critical triggers (and 2 heals too) PFFFFFT


Different Colors - Angela

Anime: K: Missing Kings


[KMK]-Stick posters